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Image Inspire Dare #19

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  • Image Inspire Dare #19

    Image Inspired Dare #19

    This time we have a simple composite of two images supplied by jvincion and ablaut.


    The Rules:

    1. There are no restrictions as to how the track is created. All sound sources and processing methods are allowed as long as you have the rights to use them (ie. no sampling of copyrighted tracks etc).

    2. The image is only an inspiration, you do not have to use it to generate any sounds (in an application such as Metasynth or Kaleidoscope)

    3. The challenge is open for just over three weeks (to allow an extra weekend). If you're a little late and the thread is still open then please post away or PM me (GaryG); this is a fun challenge and entries are more important than the deadline.

    4. Submissions should be uploaded to a place available for all AO members. Links should be posted in thread dedicated to the given round. Please, do not use hosting with countdown, CAPTCHA and other obstacles.

    5. Winner of contest is chosen by votes cast by AO members.

    6. Winner of contest chooses the image for next contest. Photos, digital artwork, pencil sketches... All acceptable. The image can be hosted at Ambient Online or on a site such as Imgur if you feel a high quality copy is preferable.

    7. Participants are encouraged to discuss their methods for the benefit of the community.

    Entries should be submitted by midnight UTC on Monday 24th July 2017.

    A small request: To save excessive copying and pasting, please post entries in the format:

    artist name - track name
    link to your track (URL, soundcloud/hearthis embed etc...)

    comments or notes.


    lighthugger - as above

    #8 in Hearthis Ambient chart!

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    Am I looking down from a countertop upon which a potato chip rests and seeing another dimension? How 'Inception-like'!
    Seems like a 2-part motif is called for....

    EDIT - I think that is a white rose petal on the countertop.
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    Jim Hurley


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      I'll try to come up with something for this..
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        I'll try to get something together. Haven't recorded anything in a while.


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          Originally posted by arachnaut View Post
          EDIT - I think that is a white rose petal on the countertop.
          That is definitely a white petal, tho it is actually from a cherry tree, on a stone that might be marble. I took it this spring here:

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            I took the picture fairly literally... This is meant to represent the process by which even the humblest of small plants can crack open stone and concrete over time.

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              I have made a playlist at SoundCloud, that I will update as submissions are added here:
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                ablaut - between sky and stone

                My track is in the "lowercase" style, the quiet minimalism I appreciate so much in Richard Chartier. I used a single Kontakt instrument of a bowed cymbal from Soundiron Cymbology, and played an improvisation emphasizing harmonics over a bass drone.
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                  Didn't realize this was coming up so fast - good thing I checked the submission deadline!

                  Jason Vincion - Ascending Dimensions

                  It's a piece in D Major done with analog synth sounds ported to Reason and then run through an Audiobulb Ambient preset I found that I'm quite fond of. A little bandpassing to eliminate excessive frequencies, and voila!
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                    any chance of 2 more days on this? i know im a slo ass but i got 1 that is this close to being done...


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                      I don't mind, Would rather have entries than stick to a strict deadline. Say Thursday midnight?
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                        So here is mine:

                        I improvised in Reason using Parsec (an additive synth).
                        Then I ran the result through 2CAudio's Kaleidoscope using the image to process the sound and added feedback delay.
                        On this result I did the same again. So I ended up with 3 tracks I mixed down to the final result.


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                          i thank u all very much...hopefully it'll b worth yer while....


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                            Sleep, Data - They Will Never Find Us Under Here (Run!)

                            i dont keeps telling me i dont have a valid soundcloud url.what am i doing wrong?


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                              Originally posted by ARshawn View Post
                              it keeps telling me i dont have a valid soundcloud url.what am i doing wrong?
                              You are adding the actual URL, but you are supposed to use the track number, as shown under Share > Embed. For your track that is 335005868:

                              Added to the IID19 playlist as well.
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