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Image Inspired Dare #21

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  • Image Inspired Dare #21

    Spent four days without power last week, so in a roundabout way this has a hurricane theme.

    IMG_1349 smallest.jpg

    Thanks to GaryG for help getting the image to display

    The Rules:

    1. There are no restrictions as to how the track is created. All sound sources and processing methods are allowed (as long as you have the rights to use them ie. no sampling of copyrighted tracks etc).

    2. The image is only an inspiration, you do not have to use it to generate any sounds (in an application such as Metasynth or Kaleidoscope)

    3. The challenge is open for just over three weeks (to allow an extra weekend). If you're a little late and the thread is still open then please post away or PM me (GaryG); this is a fun challenge and entries are more important than the deadline.

    4. Submissions should be uploaded to a place available for all AO members. Links should be posted in thread dedicated to the given round. Please, do not use hosting with countdown, CAPTCHA and other obstacles.

    5. Winner of contest is chosen by votes cast by AO members.

    6. Winner of contest chooses the image for next contest. Photos, digital artwork, pencil sketches... All acceptable. The image can be hosted at Ambient Online or on a site such as Imgur if you feel a high quality copy is preferable.

    7. Participants are encouraged to discuss their methods for the benefit of the community.

    Entries should be submitted by midnight UTC on Friday 13, October, 2017.

    Please post entries in the format:

    artist name - track name
    link to your track (URL, soundcloud/hearthis embed etc...)

    Comments/notes etc.

    Thanks and have fun!
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    Is this the photo you were trying to upload? It's not showing up on your post for me but I checked your profile and saw you uploaded this image.


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      Ooohh first out and first image dare... Well this is Electronic Music For Disasters or a piece for string quartet and cymbal. Tempo moderato. Time signature 3/4 :-)
      davedorgan wrote "Spent four days without power last week". That and the thought of a hurricane at the lighthouse inspired me.
      The music is done with in a Yamaha QY10, and all sounds are from the same little 90th machine. It is battery powered and the batteries lasts at least 4 days. Also I user a Zoom MS-70CDR multi effect as reverb. Even his gadget is battery powered. All you need is pen, paper and a QY10.


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        Ambire Seiche - To Live Is To Recieve

        Piece uses 3 samples from Mode Audio. Drips Car Stereo in track 2 repeated several times, track 3 started with Autumn Grains moving into Autumn Tonal repeated, closing again with grains repeated at end. Both tracks pitched up 16 cents with ReaPitch and GrainSpace applied for shimmer(chorused shimmer and northern lights respectively). Fed both tracks into track 4, with Waves Abbey Road vinyl and some Newfangled EQuivocate, and reducing gain a touch in Limiter No6 w/ compression off. Master Track used Mastering Limiter, W735EQ, and airwindows tape dither sandwiched between -/+8 bit shift gains. Piece started as a TCStretch of a different sample that the tracks used here were initially intended to complement, but decided they worked better on their own together, and preserved the length. Title inspired by Christopher Dovecote character in Gustav Meyrink novel I've been reading.
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          Dave Dorgan - Storm at Sombrero Key

          - First I created a piece using Green Oak Software's Crystal Synth (5 tracks) and Alchemy (3 tracks)
          - The main storm track is an Alchemy Synth patch with ValhallaShimmer and TDR Kotelnikov.
          - I bounced the eight tracks, and then ran that through Ambient_v3 at 1/2 speed.
          - To that, I blended back in some of the bell like parts from the original piece.
          - Created, mixed and mastered in Logic.
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            Playlist for SoundCloud tracks at:
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              Here's my effort

              It's played 'live' on my semi-modular synth setup. Only post processing is QuikQuak UpStereo, TDR Nova high and low pass and a limiter.


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                Jason Vincion - Tidal Chorus

                It's put together ITB by creating a short piece, running it through two different Audiobulb Ambient presets, a little time-stretching in the new Paul Stretch 3, and mastering in Reaper and Goldwave (good ol' -14 LUFS).

                I hope y'all enjoy!
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                  Paul Stretch 3? Sounds exciting.

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                    Originally posted by Tuonela View Post
                    Paul Stretch 3? Sounds exciting.
                    Yep! Here's the thread where you can find it:
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                    Also, follow me on Spotify if you are so inclined!


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                      Originally posted by jvincion View Post

                      Yep! Here's the thread where you can find it:
                      Thanks - yes, found it last night, downloaded and had a play. Made some interesting accidental discoveries...

                      I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes -- Jimi Hendrix


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                        Ok, thread closed, please vote...
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