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One Sample Dare Challenge #65

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  • One Sample Dare Challenge #65

    This challenges sample has been supplied by Ahornberg:

    ================================================== ======================

    The idea of the contest is to create an ambient track using only this one sample.

    The rules are:

    1. Additional sounds (whether samples, soundfonts, synths, romplers etc) are not permitted. Instruments and samplers which allow the loading of samples are permitted (though only the contests sample or part of can be used of course). Any other processing of contest sample (including granular and resynthesis methods) is permitted (and encouraged).

    2. You can use as many copies or parts of the original sample as you want, each processed with respect to rule 1. This allows you to come up with heavily processed sounds, but still only tracing back to the original sample.

    3. This challenge is open for three weeks, it will end at midnight (UTC) on Wednesday 30th January 2019.

    4. Submissions should be uploaded to a place available for all AO members. Links should be posted in the thread dedicated to the given round. Please, do not use hosting with countdown, captcha, and other obstacles.

    5. The sample is provided under CC0 (public domain) license.

    6. The winner of the contest is chosen by a vote open to all AO members. You can submit as many entries as you like but the winner will be the single entry with the most votes, votes for multiple submissions by an artists are not combined.

    7. The winner of contest chooses the sample for the next contest.

    8. Participants should disclose the formula for each track submission for the benefit of community.

    Good luck everybody!
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    Can we download somewhere? It is not allowing me to do so on sc?


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      I've contacted Ahornberg and asked for it to be made downloadable.
      Latest release: never to be repeated

      Hearthis | Soundcloud


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        Should be ok now.
        Latest release: never to be repeated

        Hearthis | Soundcloud


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          GaryG Thanks!
          Ahornberg also
          gonna try my hardest!


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            Here is my submission.

            I created 8 sequences in VCV rack using cf Modules' player module to play samples of the original source. Used Bouncy Balls to modulate the filters and 1v/oct on these sequences. Created 8 more sequences in Reaper using RPS-1. Played around with automated EQ and some parameters of Ambient Reverb. There is also a really stretched out version of the original source with decay time on Ambient Reverb turned all the way up. The result was a whole 25 minutes long. I found it to be a little too repetitive so i trimmed it down to a 7 minute mark that satisfied me and voila.


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              This is my second submission. I downloaded The Mangle VST last night and experimented on the rain sample with it. there are 2 tracks with The Mangle doing its thing. One track has all slots filled, the other only 3 slots filled. On each track is 3 layers of Ambient Reverb. All Mangle slots have automated parameters (speed, pitch, cutoff, resonance, etc, etc). This also contains sequences created in VCV Rack using cf Modules Player in the same way as my first submission.


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                Jason Vincion - Krushing Rain

                I spliced the sample into ten pieces, pitched those pieces from C1 to C5 in a sampler (Reason NN-XT) with effects, took all ten samples and smooshed them together in a Reason Redrum with more effects, then stretched that sample in Audiobulb Ambient.

                I then took the main sample, pitched it to the length of the piece (2 minutes), then took the front half of that sample, pitched it an octave lower, and added those two samples with the above sample into Reaper.

                I threw a convoluter on those three tracks, which I rendered, trimmed, and built a short melody out of, then rendered it, stretched it in Audiobulb Ambient, and added back to Reaper.

                With the four tracks in Reaper, I threw on a fair bit of reverb (Teufelsberg & Guitar Gadgets), added a nice static layer to it (Tritk Krush - thus the title), and rendered it.

                A little more complicated than I planned, but what the hell?
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                  Hi, here is my submission

                  I copied the sample 5 times into individual tracks in Ableton and isolated individual frequencies of each track using EQ and filters. Three of the tracks were treated with different delay and reverb settings using Ableton's stock plugins. One of the tracks had a convolution reverb with another copy of the sample as it's own impulse response applied to it. The track with the lowest frequencies was treated with the Corpus audio effect to bring out more bass tones. A fifth track was halved in tempo and reversed. I treated this with the Illformed Glitch 2 plugin to achieve the electric sounding high-frequency pulses.

                  The master was then routed to my outboard effects - Eventide Space, Source Audio Nemesis and Vermona Retroveb, in a self-oscillating feedback loop.

                  I bounced this back into Ableton, applying some real-time tweaks as I went. A bit of compression and limiting and there you have it! Enjoy.
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                    Anyone know how to embed the Soundcloud player??


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                        Thank you, seismic1!


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                          i did this a couple of weeks ago so i've forgotten exactly what i did

                          in audacity: aggressive noise reduction, duplicate layers at different pitches for a chorus effect, lots of echo delay and reverb. another duplicate layer with wet reverb and paulstretch

                          mastered in audition
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                            What I did on my holidays...

                            Four passes through ambient software, differently manipulated, then selectively edited, pitch altered, reversed, reverbed and tempo-shifted in Audacity.

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                              Doesn’t look like I’ll get anything done this time,
                              well done to all who were better organised than I!