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ambient online podcast #15 (featuring: Simon Lomax)

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  • seismic1
    It was nice to finally find some time to listen. Great work as usual, Chris. This was a fine collection of tracks, as usual.

    I can vouch for the restorative powers of a drumkit. Even for non-drummers, the act of simply hitting stuff has both symbolic and physical components. Catharsis with impact.

    Good work

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  • Thought Experiment
    Another great podcast
    Nice to see Alpha Wave Movement squeezed in at the end there - great track too :thumbsup:

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  • aoVI
    I appreciate being included in this awesome line up of artists. Great work!

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  • Negative Spectrum
    Thanks for the plug Chris, great show

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  • Thought Experiment
    Awesome - thanks for pole position Chris :-)
    Looking forward to listening to this, as ever.

    EDIT: Heard most of the 'cast now, on the way to work. Great interview - particularly interesting to hear that Simon's writing method is very similar to my own. Hmmm...Sundance Festival here I come :daydream:
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  • Simon Lomax
    Thanks Chris. Was great chatting with you!

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  • ambient online podcast #15 (featuring: Simon Lomax)

    Podcast number 15

    The ambient online podcast is back…with a new interview and a contest!

    Our special guest on the podcast this week is the one and only Simon Lomax.

    Simon is an ambient producer, drummer, and a music school owner and I'm absolutely delighted to have him on the program.

    Listen to the interview to get the details on a contest where you could win a signed copy of Simon's upcoming limited edition CD!

    The ambient online podcast is a bi-weekly podcast featuring the ambient tracks, drones, and soundscapes of the talented members of ambient online.

    Track Listing:

    "Pentaquark" - Thought Experiment
    "Depression Rolls in Like a Fog" - Negative Spectrum
    "The Coming Winter" - ontol
    "Point of Reflection" - Simon Lomax
    "Warmed by the Emerging Light" - Simon Lomax
    "DEVOOTIO" - Utu Lautturi and 45:KO
    "This is the Undoing of All Great Things" - Sleep, Data
    "Tititebet" - Metadronos
    "Hue" - Alpha Wave Movement

    Interested in learning more about ambient online? We are the fastest growing ambient music community on the internet! Join us and find out why.

    Host: S1gns Of L1fe (

    Cheers and enjoy,

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