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ambient online podcast #33 (Finland Special: Featuring [Ówt Krì])

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  • ambient online podcast #33 (Finland Special: Featuring [Ówt Krì])

    Podcast number 33

    Today on the podcast we are having a ALL FINLAND special! Featuring our special guest Kenneth Kovasin, also known as Ówt Krì from Helsinki.

    Throughout the entire show we'll be hearing tracks from Finnish ambient artists such as Nemesis, Owt Kri, and many others.

    The ambient online podcast is a bi-weekly podcast featuring the ambient tracks, drones, and soundscapes of the talented members of ambient online.

    Track Listing:

    Departure from the Nordic Wastelands - Ambient Indigo
    Kaikki Koulli - Ihminelain
    We Sleep Forever - [Ówt Krì]
    The Siren's Call - [Ówt Krì]
    Xenopus - Nemesis
    Tundra - Esa Kotilainen
    Isotherm - Ashen Simian

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    Host: S1gns Of L1fe (

    Cheers and enjoy,

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    Great subject specific podcast! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the variety of music. And the interview with Owt Kri was very enlightening (And - I admit, I really didn't 'get' the name until I heard it pronounced!). I think you could continue this by interviewing other performers from Finland and/or the Ambient Music Conference no one here would complain. :biggrin:
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      Thanks so much for your feedback.
      I'm very glad S1gns wanted to do this with me.

      ...and yeah. The name issue is quite elementary and obvious once pronounced, but I do understand the difficulty until that
      [ówt krì]


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        Excellent podcast as usual (welcome back Chris!!) The variety of music on show just illustrates what a broad church ambient music is now: owtkri's music is very edgy but all the more compelling because of it (and not at all what you'd expect from such a quietly-spoken, self-effacing chap), and then at the other end of the spectrum is Nemesis, who you'd have to call old-school (if for no other reason than their longevity) but their music is still gorgeous - it's like the direction Pink Floyd might have taken if they had never had a singer...

        Looking forward to more Finland-related goodies - do you have video of your own performance?
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          Originally posted by Thought Experiment View Post
          owtkri's music is very edgy but all the more compelling because of it (and not at all what you'd expect from such a quietly-spoken, self-effacing chap)...
          Thank you for your kind words and warm feedback.
          It is truly heartwarming.
          [ówt krì]


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            I just finished listening to this. Another great podcast, which invoked sentimental and nostalgic feelings, even though only 18 days has passed since Finland. This podcast neatly showcases the darker side of ambient. I had flashbacks of [Ówt Krì] wearing his brown leather coat during the interview.

            Good work Chris, and good work by all the artists involved.

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