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ambient online podcast #37 (Featuring: rylo3)

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    Originally posted by shaun rylands View Post
    Originally posted by seismic1 View Post
    I finally found some time to listen.

    Good work by all participants, another interesting interview, and a good selection of ambient delicacies.

    I was also intrigued by the "background" music used during the interview. What is it?

    hey tim , the background track on the interview is an unfinished piece ( one of many ;) ) that was laying around . i thouht it sounded kinda cool and fitted well under the interview . it was stretched in audacity to make it longer and give it a sort of eerie movie backdrop sound

    cheers , shaun
    It may be more "finished" than you think. I thought it was quite impressive. I kept thinking of Ligeti, whilst listening to the podcast. I am just starting work on a couple of new pieces of a fairly minimal nature. Hearing that piece was quite an inspirational experience.
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