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ambient online podcast #40 (Featuring: Annemarie Borg)

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  • S1gnsOfL1fe
    Originally posted by Synthetic Aurality View Post
    Excellent, just finished listening! GREAT interview, now I wish I could afford a Seaboard! *cry*
    Thank you for listening! Annemarie is a good friend and it was fun to finally get her on the mic and talk about what she does.

    Up next, Jim and Jillian Graham of AO Compilation fame! :D

    Stay tuned...

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  • Synthetic Aurality
    Excellent, just finished listening! GREAT interview, now I wish I could afford a Seaboard! *cry*

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  • Sonic Bodhi
    Great interview... esp about the keyboard, I saw a video demo of one of these keyboards a couple of years ago. Certiainly not in my budget, although I'd love to have one!

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  • Maharg
    Another great podcast. Well done! Excellent interview once again.

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  • ambient online podcast #40 (Featuring: Annemarie Borg)

    Podcast number 40

    Today on the podcast our special guest is ambient music composer, environmentalist, and creativity ambassador Annemarie Borg from London, England.

    The ambient online podcast is a bi-weekly podcast featuring the ambient tracks, drones, and soundscapes of the talented members of ambient online.

    Track Listing:

    The Infinite Calling - “Radiating From Within”
    Organic Patterns - “Swamp”
    Annemarie Borg - “Closer in the Distance”
    Annemarie Borg - “Adrift into a Sea of Fog”
    Scott Snee - “Nightwatch”
    Oneambient4 - “Silent Encounters”
    Ivan Black - “Morphological Echo”

    Interested in learning more about ambient online? We are the fastest growing ambient music community on the internet!

    If you’d like to hear your music on this podcast, you can join us on the forum and make your own submission.

    Sign up today at ambient online.ORG

    The Ambient Online compilation Volume 4 has just been released. Featuring 88 tracks and almost 13 hours of ambient music, this is the largest ambient music compilation we’ve ever done.

    Pick up your copy today and support ambient online by going to

    Host: S1gns Of L1fe (

    Cheers and enjoy,