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ambient online podcast #12 (Featuring: Negative Spectrum)

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  • Thought Experiment
    Listened to it this morning on the way into work - some really good music (as ever) and an interesting, entertaining interview. This Negative Spectrum bloke seems like a nice guy...

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  • Negative Spectrum
    219 soundcloud plays for me in one day. BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE PODCAST! Seriously though, thanks again S1gns

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  • seismic1
    I had this playing through the main system this afternoon. Some very enjoyable pieces on here, and some great contrasts in style. Interesting interview too.

    Good work everyone

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  • seismic1
    Checking it out now. I have the day off work

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  • ambient online podcast #12 (Featuring: Negative Spectrum)

    Podcast number 12

    The ambient online podcast is back!

    Oh the show this week we bring on Negative Spectrum for a very inspirational and insightful interview all the way from Dundee, Scotland! He talks about his roots in death metal music and how that helped shape and form who he is today and how it has influenced the dark ambient music he creates.

    The ambient online podcast is a bi-weekly podcast featuring the ambient tracks, drones, and soundscapes of the talented members of ambient online.

    Track Listing:

    "Acqua Alta" - lwpss
    "Alone on the Plateaux" - Simon Lomax
    "Hiding Away (and being found)" - Tonecarver
    "The Decay of your Wretched Flesh" - Negative Spectrum
    "True Evil is as Pure as Innocence" - Negative Spectrum
    "Paper Voyage" - Mac of BIOnight
    "Sedna XII" - asteroid anxiety
    "Drifting Memories" - Synth4Ever
    "Another Day" - Northstar11
    "Three Winds" - Whatsisname

    Interested in learning more about ambient online? We are the fastest growing ambient music community on the internet! Join us and find out why.

    Host: S1gns Of L1fe (

    Cheers and enjoy,

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