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  • theotokos

    Hello. I am very proud of this 2019 release called Theotokos released in December of 2019. It's 15 tracks of varying styles evoking moods conducive to meditation and contemplative silence. It was originally going to be 24 tracks over the 24 days of Advent but after writing 15 tracks over 15 days and trying to do more, I felt the ideas weren't as good so decided to call it a day for this one as I didn't want to just write filler tracks to complete the original project. I hope you enjoy this album and thanks for listening.

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    First off, let me say congratulations on completing such an ambitious project. Secondly, great collection! The music is indeed well done, although the titles tend to put one more in mind of Buddhist/ HInduist concepts than of Christianity. Not that it matters since my own views tend to discourage labels for what is basically the same essence of the Universe at large. It all goes back to Source.

    I'll be listening to the entire collection today.


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      hope you enjoyed the album and thanks for listening.