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My latest track: Kosugi

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  • My latest track: Kosugi

    A small preface for this, kinda what i used and what i tried to achieve and what it's all about!

    My working methods are always straight improvisational, mainly i start playing something and it creates a mood that i start following.
    I really have no talent for playing as such, but i have a feeling for melody. With this piece, it was originally a single recording utilising
    Angstrolooper, Bionic delay and some creative use of chained Ferric TDS saturation.

    After the original impro was recorded, i copied it into separate tracks, multiband compressed each one to emphasize different freqs and then lowpass or hipass filtered them to create a cohesive frequency spectrum. After that it was mainly putting different reverbs into tracks with some effects, and a single automated valhalladsp reverd send.
    I let the track play out and mix it "live", fiddling with volume and pan and the stereo field. Most of the time i try not to get too perfect with things, and just let them be after a while. All in all, it took maybe 2 hours to make this piece.

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    Interesting piece. It kinda reminds me of some alien music accidentally tuned in between radio bands. Very cool!
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