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    Just found out about this site and had to join up. I am a modular synthesizer artist, who dabbles in ambient, drone and experimental electronic music. My music can be found on soundcloud as well as my website (see sig).

    Thanks for listening,
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    Welcome to the AO community. I listened to your songs, and particularly liked absolute-reality.

    You should check out the AO Challenges section. There have been some pretty creative songs created from a single sample. We could always use another challenger. ;)


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      Unbelievable! Seriously this forum is just crawling at the seems with members showing up and posting stuff like this. So amazing.

      Really nice tracks (listening to one of them now) and I'm really glad you found us.

      Cheers and keep them coming!

      S1gns Of L1fe
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        This is definitely very nice work. Welcome and thanks for sharing this with us!
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          Thanks for all your kind words.

          My music is almost all hardware (21U of Eurorack) and pedals, with some fx and level adjustments at the DAW.

          Not sure I would be a good fit for the contests. I have the software (Alchemy, Iris, Komplete), I just haven't skills to create the sound I want with software. I follow some soundcloud people who do amazing organic pieces with software ... just not sure I can.

          Here are a couple more:


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            Really great stuff yet again! Listening to Whispers right now...fllling the room with gorgeous echos and ethereal dreamscape.

            S1gns Of L1fe
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              Latest piece: Tribal Rituals