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  • Bunch of tracks up

    Hey! new member here, thought i'd post my SC on the correct forum. Got a bunch of "Ambient" up there? I guess that's what it is heh.

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    Listened to a few of your tracks...I'm hooked! Great stuff. Genre label is unimportant.
    Only dead fish go with the flow.


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      Thanks, glad you enjoy :thumbsup:I think genre categorizing can ruin things. I dont think this stuff would fit conventionally, most of the time i'm using 6/6 note structure due to having a 6 stage sequencer so might not fit with the 4/4 I guess every 4 measures it can be 4/4? hmmm.

      I just like to make stuff I like to hear sound design wise, I used to try to fit into things, but gave up a while ago. Now when people ask what I make, i just say weird noises :biggrin:


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        I checked these out on SoundCloud the other are definitely in the right place!

        Brilliant texture, fantastic harmonics...what else can I say? Top notch stuff!

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