What's the fabric of life made of?

My new album moves through ambient and experimental territories, in search of different sounds... an exploration of the deep fabric of a person's life, with its thousands of threads and yarns.
Turn off the lights, get comfortable (in front of a fire, if you can) and enjoy this voyage within yourselves!

Photographer Domenico "Sem" Semeraro sent me a few pictures some time ago - the ones you can see on the cover - saying "These are some photos you can use for your albums". I don't know whether he was saying that as a sort of joke or he was serious, but as soon as I looked at them, a whole album started playing in my head. I immediately started to record it and in just a few days it was ready, entirely recorded with his photos as a visual score. This musical work wouldn't exist without his huge talent.

Fabric: http://macofbionight.bandcamp.com/album/fabric