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    Since I'm new here, I feel like I should (read: really want to) share some of my music. I'm trying to express myself more deeply in what I do, and it's been wonderful so far to use music as therapy rather than escapism. Now I'm finding myself satisfied with my tracks, finding them less derivative, and finishing everything that I start (for once!).

    These aren't mastered or anything, so you'll have to crank the volume way up!

    This is going to be the final track from my EP I'm currently working on.

    Here's another one from the same EP. This one isn't strictly ambient, but maybe you'll be able to appreciate it none-the-less.

    Thanks for listening, I'll be curious to know what you all think, because these are private links which I haven't posted anywhere else (and won't 'til it's all finished). Hopefully the mixes translate from my shitty $50 "Technical Pro" monitors! :blush:

    Edit: I guess embedding doesn't work for private links, so just click the URL and it should work fine.
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