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Ayaosa - Mokey Traught

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  • Ayaosa - Mokey Traught

    Here's a WIP of mine I thought you guys could critic. I'm not sure if this is ambient enough for this forum though. So be gentle with me if I was wrong to post this

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    It's cool, whatever it is. ;)

    Depending on the direction you take this, it could be considered Ambient. It certainly has Ambient elements to it.


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      Oh it's abso-LUTELY ambient enough!!! And hey...we're non discriminatory here too...we even have a section for non-ambient releases as well.

      What ambient components this track does have (and it has alot of them...especially the first 2 minutes) are killer!!! I love how it moves through those different phases and even when the vocal comes in there's a heavy ambience behind it.

      Totally digging this!!! Is that you singing on the track?!?! :tu:
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        I really like how all the elements are blended together. And the mix sounds great to me. Ambient or not? I don't know...I'm not big on absolute labels on anything.