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[Aphelion] - At The End of It All

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  • [Aphelion] - At The End of It All

    Been working on this one the past 2 days. I'd love to hear your input!

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    I love this track. I liked it before you finished it...but now that it's full length, it just totally pushes it over the edge. Love those samples you put in there too in the beginning. So eerie...really sets the mood.

    High quality stuff m8. I mean...really high. You are on a whole other level now...

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      Originally posted by [Aphelion]
      Been working on this one the past 2 days. I'd love to hear your input!
      I just checked out your new track and tbh with you, its a very well crafted piece of music. Definitely sounds very finished over here, just a great beginning/middle & end. The intro with the piano is beautiful, nicely put together & very well thought of. The drums go really well to, they sound really crisp & sharp and fit just right, especially with the different harmonies happening in the background at the same time and how they keep the track moving, blending in to the drums again, but the drums with a slight change in sound adds a very interesting feel towards the end.

      I have listened to it a few times now and kept rewinding back to 3:50 as I really like those delicate sounds of piano keys rolling into the second phase of the drums, I think it works really well and if you do decide to alter the track in anyway then maybe consider not altering it from 3:50, especially from 4:00 were what sounds like a heavy string sound creeping in over the piano keys, I enjoyed that a lot and to see that it has only taken you 2 days to engineer, well that's a definite 10/10 as far as I am concerned.

      Thanks for sharing and the very best of luck with your projects :tu:
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