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Here we go! Back again with another entry in the Ambient Online Compilation series. These compilations are very special and have reached so many people. It's great to see to some new faces participating in them as well! Excited to hear what you guys come up with this time around. Ready? Let's do this! SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS:
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Dimmig Väg - my new ambient/Berlin School album

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  • Dimmig Väg - my new ambient/Berlin School album

    It was the last I recorded in 2013, it's the first to be released in 2014...
    From the liner notes:

    '“Dimmig väg” means “foggy road,” in the beautiful language of Sweden. It also carries the metaphorical concept of an unclear direction, of not knowing what will happen. I’m sure many people among you have found themselves in exactly that situation. Or maybe that’s the situation we’re in all our lives, it’s just that we realize it only now and then...

    Thanks to the guys at (you know who you are) for giving me a hand with the title.

    “Morning on the Alps” is dedicated to Johanna Spyri in return for the deep joy and the emotions her novel “Heidi” has given me throughout the years. That’s my favorite novel, I re-read it at least once or twice a year. Read it, if you haven’t already, and re-read it if you have.

    This album was made using solely the vst instrument “Nemesis” by Tone2 ( ), whose many sonic possibilities and great arpeggiator were the perfect inspiration for this project I had wanted to record for a long time. Almost no external effects were used, except during the mastering phase.'

    Find it here:

    Thanks COVERDIMMIGVAGnewsletter.jpg
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