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Request for a little help if you're bored

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  • Request for a little help if you're bored

    This is my current stuff, i'm planning on taking some of the tracks - hopefully about 50 minutes worth and putting them into my new bandcamp album.

    If anyone is bored and/or interested enough to do so, I wouldn't mind people's opinions on the strongest and weakest pieces, so as to make decisions about what I cut.

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    I'd go with the following, Zach, in the following order..

    Burninghouse Dancers
    Time and The Blade
    Pulling Arrows
    Roaring Ringing and Shaking
    Red Flame
    Fell Up
    Shortest Day Of The Year
    Shedding #5
    You And Everything You Know
    Extracting Venom From The Bite

    They should take you up to the 50 minutes you're looking for..if not just over it. It's worth pointing out these are what I would personally go with if they were mine, as I think they sit well together for a release..not that they are any better, or the other tracks are any's just I think these ones work well together as a body of work.

    Hope this helps you in some way. ;)


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      Thanks man, that is well thought out.