Nothing to post just yet, not too sure where else to post this, but here's what coming from me in 2014:

Mark Tuesday January 21 as a Loose Link day, or night rather. I will be guesting with mixes for two different radio shows. Firstly I take over the Ambi-Sonic radio show for an hour for DF Tram and the crew. Chilled out vibes, bouncy dub with a touch of dark soundscapes here and there.

Secondly I've made another guest mix for Mantis Radio, hosted by Mike Darkfloor. This one will be a little bit more aggressive, with harsher beats and funk and hip hop thrown into the Stopscape pot.

You can catch Mantis on Futuremusic FM at 20:00 GMT, straight after you can flip over to Ambi-Sonic on Fnoob at 22:00 GMT. Don't worry if you miss either or both, as both shows have their shows readily availible for download or streaming afterwards.

Both shows will contain tracks that will appear on the Terminal Interface compilation, coming Q1 2014.

They will also contain tracks I am currently working on for my upcoming album, now titled World Building, coming later this year. The album will contain new tracks by me plus collaborations with the likes of Herd, Ross Baker, S. A. Fred, Option Command plus many more.

One of the tracks called Hyperbird, a collaboration with Off Land, will also be expanding into an EP, a sort of a homage to the FSOL extended EPs of old. Look out for details on that.

Analog Dreams, my collaboration with Five Minutes Alone, will also have its first EP out sometime in Q1 2014.

Sturmazdale's second album, which I worked on with Ross Baker, should be out sometime in 2014 as well, this one through very special means.

Lastly, also keep on the lookout for the new album by Nmesh, titled Dream Sequins, which will feature a collaboration between he and I.

Enjoy the vibes everyone, here's to 2014.