My new album "The Brink of Time" released on Hidden Vibes


[08:46] 01. Immersion
[05:40] 02. River of the Time (with Turnonspace)
[04:50] 03. Black Wind
[04:27] 04. Night Haze
[06:11] 05. Memories Lost in Time
[08:00] 06. Skyway (with Creation VI)
[08:09] 07. Dead Sea
[09:25] 08. Echoes from Eternity
[16:15] 09. Dark Ages
[07:49] 10. Shine of Light

All tracks written by Vladislav Sikach between 2012-2013.
Track 2 written by Vladislav Sikach, Leifur Starluson & Mikhail Borisov.
Track 6 written by Vladislav Sikach & Tim Six.
Original music in tracks 5 and 8 composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.

Field recordings, noises, synthesizer/keyboards, bells, guitar, flute, percussion by Vladislav Sikach.
Guitar (track 2) by Leifur Starluson & Mikhail Borisov.
Field recordings, singing bowls, percussion (track 6) by Tim Six.

Cover Design by Alena Perepadya.

Artwork by Vladislav Sikach.

Original photography & textures by Sharon Mollerus, Drew Avery, Theo, Derek Keats, dragonroy, struckdumb, funtoprint, Annafur, Yndra.

Album preview:

Full album (free download):

I hope you enjoy it! =)