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Kyoga - Caves

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  • Kyoga - Caves

    :D working with the old cloud synthesizer build.
    (btw: 160 raw oscillators in this song)

    and I know I posted this in the introductions thread, but this song took 4 months to create and I didn't get much feedback. XD

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    That is one huge trip there, Kyoga!
    I love how you are so dedicated to a project like this. 4 months of work bears delicious fruits as it seems.

    The movements are so silky, piercing through the body as if an ancient stalactite fell on me. The sounds come over as peaceful to me, like a thick wall protecting me from the outside madness. A serene beauty that couldn't last long enough.
    Though everything comes to an end.

    Thank you very much for sharing this!
    Xalpheon on SoundCloud
    | main alias

    Wax eloquent - wane together


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      I really appreciate it. Thanks. :D