Both mixes played on the same night, both are now availible to hear and download on Soundcloud:


Firstly, Mantis, orginally broadcasted here in London, Here's the entire 2 hour show, first hour is a selection by DVNT, hour 2 is my guest mix:

Bit of dark techno, funk and hip hop thrown into the soundscapes this time, a little different but hopefully still delivers. Tracks from Terminal Interface, the first Analog Dreams EP and my upcoming album World Building are in there too.


Ghosthack – Next Level [Twenty/Twelve Netaudio]
Mahr – Surface of the Moon [Division:13]
Lorenzo Montano – Conflict Garden [Psychonavigation]
Enya – Aniron (PURPLE remix) [dub]
Ras G – Hyksos Invaders (Sp 303) [Leaving Records]
Delusions – Odyssey [Ballistic]
Shaken Opus – Raga 9 [Natch]
Lewis Fautzi – Binary (Oscar Mulero remix) [Soma Records]
Go Hiyama – Inequality [HueHelix]
Killawatt – Disconcerting [Osiris Music]
Container – Slush [Liberation Technologies]
Milanese – Barry Dub (Myler Bootleg) [dub]
Twwth – Sweet Nectar [Signal Life]
Mark Archer – Armageddon (Mark Broom remix) [Balkan Vinyl]
Skream – The Blue Crystal [dub]
Killawatt – Rolling Dunes (Ipman remix) [Wheel + Deal Records]
Elemental – Stompa [Urban Graffiti]
Bombardier – Seven Pillars of the Dweller [Division:13]
Alexey Volkov – Interwave [Planete Rouge]
Nonima – Waratel [Pripyat Recordings]

Seafar – Totem
Neotropic – Tohan Tales (The Diary Box – Part 1)
Futuresight – 555 Moving Emotions (Mix Extract)
Pink Floyd – Is There Anybody Out There?
Akkya – Mir
The Black Dog – Black Maria
Exium – Raw Visions
Patrex – Mad Bells
The KLF – The Rites Of Mu
Coldcut and Hexstatic – Natural Rhythm
Plug – Scar City
Ulterior Motive and Judda – Holding On To Never
Autechre – recks on
Funki Porcini – Wongky
The Future Sound Of London – Amobea
Flying Lotus – Massage Situation
That Creep – ’93 Porsche
Tor – Glass And Stone
AnalogSweden – The Lost City
Michel Legrand – Theme From Summer Of ’42
Five Minutes Alone – Garden Of Static Decay (Extracts)
Impurfekt – Sail Away
Pop Will Eat Itself – Menofearthereaper
Nmesh – Teixiptla Psychic Surgery
Herd – Tangent 44
Mango Jamz – Intension
Manmachineman – Chess
Future Prophecies – Maiamba
Gescom – Mag
Eric B And Rakim – Microphone Fiend (Instrumental)
Phat Chex – Uncertain Future
Ingen – Downstairs Mixup
Loose Link – Full-On Head-Rush
The Black Dog – Raxmus
Ruby – Flippin’ The Bird (Ceasefire Mix)
Loose Link – Frozen Capital
DJ Shadow And The Groove Raiders – Last Stop
Parasect – Naturspective
Underworld – Pearls Girl
Analog Dreams – Out Of The Sky
[PHYSICS] – Not Even Real
Loose Link – Lost Others Choir
Steve Reich – Proverb

For those wanting more ambiance and dub, here's my Ambi-Sonic 1 hour take over, Containing more from Terminal Interface and my World Building album, plus a preview from the upcoming Hyperbird EP with Off Land, and an exclusive unreleased track from Terminal Radio member Nmesh:


Loose Link - Intro
Loose Link - Lost Others Choir
Loose Link - Thoughts
Wesley(tm) - Sentient Dreams
The Orb And Lee Scratch Perry - Makin' Love On Dub (Instrumental)
Neotropic - Tohan Tales (The Diary Box - Part 1)
[PHYSICS] - Not Even Real
Future Sound Of London - Lake Side
Nobuo Uematsu - Anxious Heart (Golden Living Rooms Bootleg)
Scanner - Of Air And Ear 2 (For Janet)
Loose Link - Quiet Churches
MbLWb - Yunic
Seafar - Totem
Middlemarch - Crows (Alt. Mix)
The North Sentinels - Krakatoa Eruption
Nmesh - 0NΞ1✪NΞ1
Leftfield - Half Past Dub
BBrainz - Virtual
Ellen Meijers - Menu Theme
Ross Baker - Terra Incognita
Ade Hodges - Abolish Suffering
Rylo-3 - Shadows
Akkya - Mir
Vincent Remember - Someday
Blamstrain - Swish
Tone Carver - A Simple Meandering
Loose Link - Adda Allures
Parasect - Naturspective
Luxscape - Lostscape
MeLo-X - The Weekend Love Triangle
DF Tram and Future BC - Durfen Dub
Mixmaster Morris - Its 12 o'Clock
Mr. Fnoob - Down With Tempo
Loose Link And Sven Meyer - Free Men
Yvesファッションで - Wave
The Orb And Lee Scratch Perry - Makin' Love On Dub
Loose Link - World Building
Analog Dreams - Out Of The Sky
Futuresight - 555 Moving Emotions (Mix Extract)
Loose Link And Off Land - Hyperbird (Path 3)
Loose Link - Electron's End