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[TXR068] DATA SNOW - Decyphering

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  • [TXR068] DATA SNOW - Decyphering

    A collection of small compositions full of ghostly industrial whispers and eerie disturbing atmospheres.
    Artist : Data Snow
    Title : Decyphering
    Catalog # : TXR068
    Duration : 27:20
    Date of release : February 12, 2014
    Genres : dark ambient, drone, noise
    Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)
    Free download link :

    || |Textural Records |||
    Drone, ambient, noise and other weird experimental musics

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    Lost and dream-like. Clean yet oily, like machine parts. Very black and white scenes in my head.

    My only critique is I would have liked many of the pieces to last longer (nothing wrong with saying what you had to say and getting out though), and some beginnings seem abrupt, as if flicking a switch. This may have been intentional and isn't something that necessarily put me off.

    Is it me or does the dark dot/hole in the center of the album grow as you listen?

    Nice listen, thank you.

    EDIT: just finishing up the album and I think the sudden beginnings actually do add to the overall disjointed feel and are helping, not hurting.
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      Thanks for your comment.
      Everything is intentional : the length of the pieces and the abrupt beginnings...
      || |Textural Records |||
      Drone, ambient, noise and other weird experimental musics