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Come Down Now / Gloomer / Dark Ambient

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  • Come Down Now / Gloomer / Dark Ambient

    Hey guys and girls,

    I really appreciate some feedback while I wanna improve myself.

    Thanks in advance :-)

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    This is some fat hiphop!

    The arpegiated synthline is really great.


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      haha, hiphop ?? It intented to be ambient, lol.

      Thanks a lot Dirk !! :-)


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        Cool stuff.

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          Yikes!! This is neat stuff gloom. Beautifully monitored to. I really love that warp like drone sound or siren that swooshes in. And the slight distortions or glitchy fx with again that siren swooshing it then BAM!! a nice mixture of slow choppy beats. I was rewinding it a lot because I was fascinated at how you have applied the different sound fx.

          There is also a great feeling of excitement to, like how it switches between being in a relaxed state to a party feel. This is a nice happy tune delivering massive amounts of interesting things going on. If I may be blunt here? But I agree with manducator because it doe's sound hiphoppy. Maybe a remixed version of the whole track brought down a few octaves with more scarey like dark pads slightly overcoming the track.

          Overall Come Down Now is a very well mixed and composed piece music with lots of interesting idea's and platforms for performing them on to. It is also well thought of bringing a delightful taste for beats and vocals in their many different styles.

          I really enjoyed listening to this track.
          Thanks for sharing this gem gloom
          life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say