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Until we leave the ground... [Xperimental Spacemusic/Search for Collaboration]

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  • Until we leave the ground... [Xperimental Spacemusic/Search for Collaboration]

    Hey we are 2 guys from cologne starting a new "Spacemusic"(anythingyouwannacallit)-Project.
    We are making music for some years in different styles and variations and starting this cause of the ask for an alternative Soundtrack for X3 Terran Conflict & Inspiration of the Graphics and Ambient of the Ingame-Sectors.

    The game is working with sectors and we try to give every Sector his own Ambiance.
    The Original Soundtrack is fully electronic so we decided to keep this style and the style of the races in the game.

    In this process maybe you wanna join it, critizise or collaborate with us to create a different Soundtrack.

    "Presidents End"
    Presidents End.jpg
    What little remains here has been left untouched, a silent memorial and burial ground to the countless souls who lost their lives, unable to escape this sector's final demise...the scar of the tragedy runs deep and will not be forgotten...

    "Faded Dreams"

    Faded Dreams.jpg
    We lost our minds in the faded Dreams of unfinished Beauty...

    Within the deep clouds of the mystical, outher sector Maelstrom, pirates are launching their ships to hunt ...

    "Menelaus Paradise"
    Menelaus Paradise(middle).jpg
    Menelaus Paradise is a Sectortrack where we tryed to mix up a peacefully "Boronstyle" with the dark parts of the outher rim of the x-universe.

    Comments & Critics always Welcome!
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    "Faded Dreams"
    Next Track is ready for listen, leave the ground & download in startpost.
    Hope you enjoy it!

    Critics would be nice!
    Best wishes


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      Posted some comments on Maelstrom on SoundCloud (I am The Lime Room).


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        Thx Lime you got real cool stuff on the cloud!
        Really relaxing after work


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          Thank you very much


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            New Score "Presidents End" is on the CLoud.
            Listen, Description & Download via Soundcloud in startpost.

            Critics are welcome!


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              Listening to "President's End" right now as I type guys nailed it.

              Very solid piece of music...totally fits the "space" and "space conflict" themes. You guys are going to do well!

              Welcome to ambient online too. Really glad you found us.

              S1gns Of L1fe
              Patreon | Synphaera | exosphere | YouTube


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                Love it!

                "Presidents End" and "Maelstrom" was my favorite