Inspired by a horror movie (ancient B movie), a tale that shows that not everything that starts out good, ends that way!

Production Notes:

One track of Korg Wavestation Legacy thrugh Zebrafy, controlled via QuNexus
One track of Zebra2, no extra effects, controlled via QuNeo
5 tracks of chants mangled with Audio Damage, Melda Productions, and more Zebrafy

Tone2 Acoustix and Nomad Factory MAGNETIC II on the master bus.

The QuNeo has me using it to control instruments in a very different way.. I select a note range (4 custom presets), and then paint patterns on tine 4x4 grid, changing the pattern pad by pad so that the soundscape it generated organically shifts from design to design.. it's in toggle mode, so I tap one on and tap one off.. somehow it works.

The QuNexus is also in toggle mode but I play it more traditionally with paired notes, triads and such, chromatically.