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Contribution to Fukushima Drones compilation

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  • Contribution to Fukushima Drones compilation

    For the anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster (which is today), I contributed a track to the Fukushima Drones benefit compilation, which is available here:

    I submitted Turbine v1.00, which is an updated version of the track I made for Ambient Online’s One Sample Dare #11:

    Fukushima Drones is a compilation of drone tracks contributed by artists from around the world. This community project is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support efforts coping with the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

    If you like drone music, this constantly growing compilation has around 50 tracks for a “name your price” purchase. This is a living project, so you are also welcome to contribute a drone track if you’re so inclined. Check out the Bandcamp album link above for more details.
    remst8 -

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    Great! And this compilation is a wonderful idea.