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New Ambient album - "The Lake"

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  • New Ambient album - "The Lake"

    I didn't want to be seen as one of those that turns up, plugs his music and disappears; but as I'm finding this forum far more interactive than Twitter and Facebook, it looks like I'm going to be spending many an evening here

    My latest release is a three-track album (34 minutes) called "The Lake". The theme of the album is spiritual and social isolation, looking at it from an ultimately positive angle. It's available to stream on Bandcamp, and you can also download it for free.

    The first track, "Dies Irae", is a bit darker and has a more orchestral sound – a little like Steve Roach meets Henryk Górecki.

    I know some of you have already heard Track 2, "Lux Aeterna", on SoundCloud. It's an uplifting counterpart to track 1, using brighter synth pads and staccato piano in a major key.

    The closing title track sounds half-way between the two – only gentler.

    For those interested in the technical side of things: the album was mostly created using Noatikl, PreSonus Studio One, and reFX's Nexus VSTi. I'd got an idea of how I wanted it to sound and programmed Noatikl accordingly, exporting the results to MIDI. I loaded the output into Studio One, attaching the Nexus to each channel; picking and tweaking the necessary patches, and adding FX where necessary. The reFX Nexus has some magnificent and surprisingly realistic string sounds, which I used liberally on Track 1. Finally, to bring it to life, I started from silence and mixed the whole thing live.

    It's my first serious ambient composition after ten years' absence, and it’s quite different to what I used to make before, so I would be really grateful for any feedback.

    Thanks in advance for listening – hope you enjoy it!

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    First of all, don't worry about plugging and ditching! We're a tight knit community and can spot those folks miles away...they come, they go, but those who truly see the value and wealth of information will stay here.

    Listening to the track you've linked right now...absolutely gorgeous. I love think kind of symphonic ambient music. Your textural elements are powerful. Brilliant layering and emotion...seriously good. 10 years off is a long time...but it's obvious your soul needed to return to the music. You were far from finished!

    Downloaded the album and will make a selection and put it on the next podcast. ;)

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      Wow - thank you very much! :thumbsup:


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        On my second time through listening to this album. These are really beautiful compositions! Many thanks for sharing them with us.


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          Thanks for listening - really glad you liked it!


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            Love your sound - layered, melodic, gorgeously textured. Right up my street! :listening:


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              Thanks for listening, ambientsketchbook! Just downloaded two of your releases onto my iPod so will give them a good listen over the next few days :thumbsup:


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                @ambientsketchbook - Just listened to "Primary Colours" over lunch and loved how spacious and unhurried it was. Also managed to play a few tracks off "Simple Science" - very promising and loving the guitar sound; reminds me a little of Michael Rother. I was working on a track a month ago but couldn't get it right - listening to s.s. has given me a good idea as to why it wasn't working :-)

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                  This is very good! Glad to get the chance to hear something from you, at last. I took a hiatus from any composition for maybe the same time as you did. Various odds and end reasons, necessity being one, and it was just not my time, yet. Now, I have taken my vast array of non-stop Photoshop work with layers into composing..I did this so I was kind of seeing the sounds, and now I'm orchestrating audibly the visions. It can be a good idea because as I had stated at some earlier place, you are still doing a collaboration of extreme importance, through listening..just listening..and more listening. Thanks for sharing and coming back!