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    I have set up another persona for my field recording and 'non-gentle musics' work. garyglengeoffrey - the three names I get mistakenly called from time to time

    Not musical works at all, more often conceptual and noise or sound based. These ones all involve some sort of non-traditional performance as described in the notes

    "Each of these pieces begins with a performance. In Brighton BagWalk I walked up and down between our flat and the train station in Brighton in the south of England, dragging a small bag along the ground like so many other tourists to Brighton. It took a numbr of trips to get a recording as the vibrations of the bag on the ground would agitate the recorder (a mini disc) so much that it would turn off. Eventually I hit upon the strategy of putting the recorder in my coat pocket and trailing the the mic leads out of my pocket and onto either side of the bag. I had a bit of self cosnscious wondering if anyone was noticing this middle aged guy waling back and forth along Trafalgar street, dragging a bag with two bright red mic windshields either side. Being Brighton though it was pretty standard.
    Yeronga Pool is a piece for Queensland home and guests. Our house at the time was two storey with a balcony overlooking the backyard pool. I borrowed a bunch of steel bowls andfloated them in the pool. As we stood on the balcony drinking, we tossed pieces of ice off he balcony into the pool, aiming (fairly poorly really) for the bowls. Recorded with hydrophones which do not in any way cpature the wonderful resonance of the bowls and water. A great party activity if you have a pool.
    Walk to Work is as it says - a recording of my walk to work at the University of Queensland in 2010. There are about twenty of them overlaid on each other. The walk took me from the suburbs then almost immediately into the cemetery at Fairfield, onto the pedestrian bridge then through the UQ grounds. Three distinct environments with their own soundscape. I was amazed at how consistent the timing was - from shortest to longest was only about a minute."
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    Oh man, looking forward to this..just the description alone is inspiring!

    I've been tinkering around with the idea of taking something like three random instruments out to playground etc. and doing recordings there.


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      HI Zach hope you like them, they really are very simple documentations rather than elaborate pieces. But that's the idea Nice idea to take some instruments to the playground and respond to that space. Play the playground