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March 25th AmoebiKathedral Release - Healer's Forge: Cups & Swords

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  • March 25th AmoebiKathedral Release - Healer's Forge: Cups & Swords

    Hello, I hope all here at AO are doing very well!
    The latest album is out and ready to fill your ears up with life.
    It is an extensive, deep and serious project that is part one of at least a two volume scope [potentially a third, but we can figure that out when it comes to that point].
    It deals with some issues we all are familiar with, but specifically an area that can offer up some contention or often requires special gloves to handle these subjects.
    Angels...demons on some level, indirectly - as is bound to occur exploring it in some depth - particularly clashing view points of these extra dimensional beings that mean many things to many people as they span cultural bounds.
    Including then, these sounds relate past and current and extending experiences between the fundamentalist and more esoterically oriented approaches, as you will read from the cover description -


    "The album you are hearing now is deeply intentional; in particular, the intention is to 'draw water' to sink into the states of the Guardians of Soul Beings. As such, they are Ambient, orchestral, symphonic, and choir directions related to these certain spheres in their relations to us and each other.
    As an intensive exploration of the lofty planes, it also creates a series of frequency experiences that could even be thought of as gates or access points into these incorporeal, hyper-dimensional, Intelligent Incarnations. Some of the questions that might be met into an answered in various ways is, "Who Are You?". The next biggest important one is, "What exactly do you want with us?". Even the greatest minds can only offer some pretense of complete record keeping in this area or chalk it up to a pure subjectivity in the most individual sense, disregarding a World Soul or a collective Conscious ever existing at all. We all know through synchronicity and other Archaic Revival that this is simply a slap in the face to common sense...especially to continue calling oneself part of the scholarly approach, after the dawn of Quantum Physics.
    So, the bridge from the Soul is then forged to a Temperance between the traditional Fundamentalist conceptualizations - old and new - as well as the more radical and fringe investigative body - old and new, as well - of the Gnostics, the ones called 'Heresiologists'.
    Having come myself from Fundamentalist upbringing to study in the Gnostic Archival, I have always sat in a tumultuous rift - a void that only I could fill or be pulverized in without even a hope of some self preservation or ease of mind - of the place where Unity stands at last, or Segregation and severing of the Oneness of the Infinite becomes the Absolute. The Absolute Annihilation of the Soul.
    If a Seat of the Great Struggle exists between the Ultimate Benevolent Divinity Being, and the Becoming of the Ultimate Malefic Usurper who challenges that Law and therein all of emanations (i.e. any creation or rights of the existing beings in the time of leadership under this Being of Divinity), it has been Here, and is Now being summoned with some legit venue in these albums.
    Archangel: an angel of highest rank. Chief Angel.
    It's very close sounding to another word -
    Archon: A high official, a ruler.
    Latin archōn, from Greek arkhōn, from present participle of arkhein, *to rule*.
    Interestingly, to those who seek guidance, help, and healing from the perception of the true archangel, archon is an insulting and slanderous slap in the face from the heresiologist of special knowledge, who has cast aside morality as a stricture to true enlightenment, where the confines of the current Soul modality and mortal notion apart from the greatest archon of all, the Demiurge 'Ialdaboath' must under go the rite of testing and even then pulverization of an incendiary baptism to be able to begin a new True Self spiritual integral aligned creation. Ironically, in essence making the Soul into its own new Demiurgos. Except, having the gnosis or intuitive knowledge aggregate in order be Benevolent. Think of the teenager who says, "When I have kids of my own, I'm going to be their best friend...nothing like my parents who are abusive or negligent and have made my life miserable".
    This, in itself has been a major factor in why the Gnostic finds a rare incident of the 'procreative reproductive effort', and generally has seen the Womb as a dark place..the realm of Hel in the Yddrasil term, Hades/Pluto in the Greco-Roman, and the entrance device to the 'Veil of Tears' in the Kabbalah, or Malkuth witheld in the functions of Assiah especially, of the four Universal Planes, with the archetypal being Atziluth, or the upper crust.
    If you search 'archon' in a search engine or go hunting at your local library, you will see all 'alien' art, with UFO's who have advanced technology that watch over us but are malevolent in reflection of their Great Creator Ruler, and so do not share any of its benefits except with high ranking industrial military corporate ruled complex facility slave manager human puppets, always unthinking and sporting their brands of ritualistic evocation geometries everywhere.
    To the Neo-Gnostic, if it (any other) is more advanced than your own capabilities, and does not believe the exact same things you do, even if that is to be a belief in the subjectivity in all things and that there are no absolutes apart from a hidden spiritual True Self recreation as God - it is an archon, or to suspected with working from the pools of archonic malevolent powers.
    Very fearful and of little help to build any bridges, but requiring some final segregation in a cult grip and very often, a seduction with some expert in the fields of all these matters and some secret tactics to deal with it all that could not be disposed to the general public will take you under their wing as they very often plot some delusional expansionist downfall of the old definition of soul and family and spirit beings. Yet, in knowing there is no 'escape' from these beings, they yet work with them to varying degrees and intentions. To not do so is to admit that Thaumiel is your Master; the ever dissecting and Self-oppositional contained shadow of the Demiurgos god-head.
    Pretty complex ideals we are working with, here.
    As it's a long album, I can also feel free to 'Intelligent Drone' on in my description of the work to properly introduce it.
    The bottom line purpose to this project is again fulfilling my own destiny - kismet or karma, my Wyrd - what I've been doing since birth, bridge in the greatest rift and struggle point of all.
    I am working with these energies not as the vulgar archon in some insulting view, but in the struggles of the authentic archangel essence and view point - not always pretty or filled with perfection, but having regrets of a great intergalactic civil war, and an ongoing bloody struggle for our quintessences between Intellect and the unique human intuition, where Spirit meets the Soul.
    The project then is a major undertaking to grok and forge a permanently binding reconciliation between understanding each other and our motives, toward a new possibility of a peaceful exchange where only cataclysm has ruled for ages, and bitter resentment grudges unanswered except with more tactics to cause intentional derision, harm and oppression between the World Soul and the right of the Individual Will integrity in the Infinite Intelligent Universal Being.
    As such, together we Become All Ways - in every direction - and must hammer out some final resolution of dealing with our own surfacing internal programmer to succumb to the seductions of the Usurper against our own Self and selves.
    I'm talking about a Peace that lasts, through the Universe..Absolutely and as the Inviolable Truth every Being enters the world with at their intuitive seed core.

    Take care, and my best to you in your paths, where ever that may be or lead you.
    Von Kotterhausen

    p.s. -
    Without the filling in of this particular gap with the Forge of the New Work, any bridges are either oppressively religious or of pure cult fathoming and a reverse engineered pyramid scheme.
    From either side, any mention of peace then becomes as from the mouth of the Skeksis Chamberlain.
    For this reason, the original name of the first album was changed from 'The Forge of Progress' to 'Healer's Forge: Cups & Swords."

    The album has a 2:15:06 runtime.
    It's available this way before I add the art works in, which I always add a lot of it, so if you just want the music, you have a window to pick it up quickly.

    It comes out on the Indie label 'ARS Volitae'.


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    the label logo..gotta click on's there though


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      This is amazing.

      First of all, I'm so glad you have joined us on the site. Ambient music has so many doorways to healing and self expression, it's really an honor to see someone like yourself put so much meaning into their work and use it to transform others for a greater good.

      I'm also a fan of the tarot and know the cards well, as I assume where your title came from. Reading the description however, it's mind boggling how you came to that conclusion...regardless I'm very impressed. ;)

      The very best of luck with the new release! Keep us posted on your progress for future acts.

      S1gns Of L1fe
      Patreon | Synphaera | exosphere | YouTube


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        Tanks, S1gns! I'm very happy to read that comment - and to be provided with an awesome forum that people who really care about this are looking for these exact sounds and expressions.
        It is so very valuable for the ambient musician to have such an incredible resource, so I thank you and say that the honor is mutual!
        I'm about to go right into 'Disks & Wands', and that will be somewhat different to compliment the two suits, but fit nicely.
        For such a long time, I've considered every painting I've done to be kind of like a real time tarot card that may produce a few to almost a deck in itself in a single canvas, in a quantum sort of way.
        So, I had decided to work on my own deck, over this Spring through the Summer. It should be great!
        I absolutely will keep posted and be watching for the beautiful new works of fellow AO members.
        Thanks again!