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Need your help with this one - "Danza Pasada"

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  • Need your help with this one - "Danza Pasada"

    Hi all. Sorry I've not been around a lot lately - been a rather hectic few weeks, which is only just starting to calm down.

    I've revisited a couple of tracks I started work on several weeks ago, looking to add them to a future release, but I'm not sure about them. In the case of the one below, I don't think it sounds all that different from the music I released last month; but that could just be me being over-critical.

    I'd be very grateful if you could listen to the track below and let me know (honestly) what you think... even if you think it's terrible


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    Welcome back! We all have weeks like that...sometimes months! Good news is AO or the users aren't going anywhere... ;)

    Listening to the track you've posted and I have to say, I like it! Good movement, nice textural elements too...compositionally sound.

    Very good stuff. Looking forward to a release at some point. Keep that confidence high...the music you make is quality.

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      majestic and lovely - beautiful synthetic sound perfectly meshing with the waves. Really wonderful emotive work, particularly the first half. The guitar sound does not work for me though, maybe double with vibes.

      (I notice you saying "I don't think it sounds all that different from the music I released last month; but that could just be me being over-critical. " - never worry about that, just worry about the quality of the work. The idea that one should continually 'progress' through the regular introduction of some quantum of novelty is incredibly corrosive. Good work is all that counts. Consider someone like Silvestrov - are we to say this piece has no value because it is old-fashioned or similar to the others of his silent songs )


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        Cheers for the comments

        Thinking about it with a clearer head, I probably am being too 'musically-impatient' - wanting to teleport from A to B as opposed to walking it. I was the same when I used to play in a church music group a couple of years ago - all the new (as in newly-published) songs either sounded like everything else published since 1997, or was an obvious rip-off of The Killers. I got impatient with the apparent lack of progression, took my leave, stashed my guitar away and started making Ambient music again. Just got to keep that impatience under control!

        I'll have a go at doubling the guitar part with a vibe/bell - might sound good


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          I think it's pretty good as is really.

          If I were gonna mess with something, I would take non-tonal elements, the wind noises and whatnot and flesh those out a bit more, it felt to me like more definition to those would in turn add more definition to the tonal elements.

          IMO if you feel you're spinning your wheels you might be though, you are a better judge of your stuff than anyone else, so if things are getting stale for you, I wouldn't necessarily attribute that to being over-critical, maybe you should try to change things up. Someone else might not even notice..hell, a lot of the stuff I listen it ALL sounds similar and i'm fine with it, if you feel it shouldn't sound the same though, then it's worth trying something new..all IMO of course.
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