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    So I posted this in my intro thread but thought I would put it here as well. Here is my soundcloud that has my electronic tracks on it. There is a bit of everything here from straight out dance to the way more ambient stuff. Most of it falls in between. Bit of cinematic orchestral as well.

    Also one of the sets is The Visiometer my first full length release. Originally this was released on Hollow Sun records a regrettably short lived label but all control returned to me when the label was shutdown. The Visiometer is a concept story album based on mental images from the Golden Age of Sci Fi...Rocketeer, World of Tomorrow type images as opposed to the harder Steampunk stuff although that fits as well. The tracks go back and forth between more ambient sci fi noise tracks as the main character adjusts his machine to somewhat more melodic track to illustrate what he is viewing thru The Visiometer. At some point I need to take this back to pro so I can get

    Anyway give a listen to some stuff the track In Between can still be heard in the Music Lab Machines compilation on the Hollow Sun sound library site as can bits of the track SciFi

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