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  • ˈkwɒntəm/quantum

    I did this tune back in 2010.

    The beats I snipped from an old cassette tape I did back in 1994 using a Roland 606.

    Play it very loud :tu:
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    life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say

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    The Future Sound of Liverpool :thumbsup:

    All of those atmospheric ambient sounds sit very comfortably behind the insistent rhythmic motif.

    Good work and welcome back
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      Yeh I haven't really been in here recently, well the last month anyway. I was also offline for exactly 1 week compliments of my isp, because I made a payment to them one day late and they decided to dis-activate my direct debit on their side, only they forgot to tell me about it, friggin gits!!?

      So when my monthly payment was due they weren't getting the money from my bank account, because they switched off my direct debit, huh!!?? wtf lah, so they switched me off my modem to, bleedin weird m8. Thankfully its all up n running again but what a total sh*ter aye. I mean how the flippin heckers was I supposed to know, ugghrrr!!

      Anyway I managed to get myself a computer with a working disc drive. I was on Windows Vista before, but now I am using Windows 7, which I find very refreshing to use. So just been relocating my old tunes on discs and just having fun listening to them. Oh and my monitor screen is much bigger than the last one I was using, so that in itself is a breath of fresh air.

      Oddly enough I still get that daft error 500, so I see nothing has been done to get it fixed. I am using Chrome now, was using Firefox before, but felt like a change and also because of my new computer I thought hmm, maybe the error 500 would have disappeared, it seems not. Anyway I have stopped doing my reviews now as I was and still am fed up of that stupid error 500. I have deleted them in my blog section, but can't in the OP > The 40 Track's of The Ambient Online Compilation Volume:2

      Anyway thanks so much for the welcome back seis and your feedback, felt good m8.
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      life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say