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New Simon Slator longform release on Webbed Hand Records: "Piano in the Rain"

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  • New Simon Slator longform release on Webbed Hand Records: "Piano in the Rain"


    Hi all,

    I'm pleased to announce that my latest release, Piano in the Rain, is now available from Webbed Hand Records. It's available as a free download in both MP3 and FLAC format, and would love to hear what you all think.

    Here's the official blerb about the piece...

    When it comes to the rain, us Brits are experts. We get buckets of the stuff, even during the summer. We don’t mind it so much as it gives us something to complain about when making idle smalltalk.

    But seriously…

    The origins of the piece began sometime around 2005. In the aftermath of a hard drive crash, only two pieces of music had survived, having been backed up beforehand. These two tracks became the basis of the now-deleted Rain EP released in the summer of 2006. One of those tracks was a New Age piece called “Piano in the Rain”.

    Fast-forward almost ten years, and I’m introduced to a tool called “Paulstretch” – which can stretch a sound to several times its length without changing pitch. I’d seen a demonstration on YouTube, where a No Doubt hit was turned into something that resembled a lengthy, Sigur Rós-style piece. I was impressed and curious, so I tried running “Piano in the Rain” through the software, stretching it to 7x its original length.
    What was already a calm and hypnotic piece became something completely new – much warmer and mesmerising. The original sounded like you were there in the middle of the downpout, but this new version was like being cocooned and protected from the torrent outside. I could close my eyes and listen happily.

    To listen to or download the album, please visit



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    You got my thoughts on this on Facebook and I promoted it on Twittielips. But I will posted my thoughtbursts here.

    To quote myself:

    "Simon....... this is quite beautiful! So very soothing, so very warm, so very comforting. The pianos are telling the story of how beautiful the it is to just stop and appreciate the rain. The deeper sustained chords give such warmth. This is very pleasing. ear candy. Very good work. I don't envy you though having to mix-down a 48minute file to .WAV haha!
    Wow... The hard work that must have gone into this. I can't get over how beautiful it is Si!! Such a great piece!"


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      I'm definitely going to find time to listen to this tonight! :listening:


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        Cheers, Windspace - hope you enjoy it


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          Nice work, enjoyed it alot.


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            Cheers, Meho I downloaded "Welcome to Sarajevo" onto my iPod earlier so will have a listen to it this week.


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              Sounds very lovely indeed!