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New AmoebiKathedral Full album - 'Guardians of the Way'

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  • New AmoebiKathedral Full album - 'Guardians of the Way'

    Hi, to the AO community. Guardianscoverthumb.jpg
    It is my pleasure to announce the latest project that I only just now uploaded, so it is coming in hot and you are among the first to get to hear.
    Off the front page: "I'm happy to be sharing this work. It is yet another, 'Close your eyes and get into a space you can really devote' project. So, you maybe can do what is most comfortable for you to get an undisturbed zone going, and you'll maximize this journey to full potential this way. It is very good for you to relax, and the sounds here are designed for your benefit in other dimensions as well as audio pleasure.

    As well as some joyful sounds, we do take a serious learning curve, too. I'm sure you will know the arrival of the moment and sink into ride the sonar waves legendary. You are good at doing these kinds of things because it is very natural that we all are - as part of being inspired and sharing into an inspired reality.

    It exchanges midway of joyful sound to move deeper into a more powerful emanation body, but all the way through is joyful and powerful. It is as a Yin & Yang of Joy & Power, jam packed with various beneficial life collaboration fertility.

    The whole undertaking has many opportunities for a heroic, visionary involvement on many levels, so very reminescent of the drive of the V.A. album Mythos Incanportos, except for solo - Nature and the plethora of life is my collaborator here. It comes in at 2:00:06~

    Take care."

    Thanks to S1gns and all others involved with helping to make this site better to get people their favorite sounds of their Art.

    Put your heart into all you do and the Universe turns every stone right when and where your greatest personal treasure is. To share is to in turn hear the Heart of the Universe speak through you.