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  • Another Moment Alone

    Not quite sure if this is truly ambient, but it was an attempt to just play something that would sit in the background and mostly low key:

    It's basically me picking a key and improvising around 2 chords with no planning. If memory serves me correctly, I fixed about 3 notes to bring the volume up or down and removed a note somewhere when I hit a key accidentally.

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    You're right, it may not be ambient...but it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Wonderful piece robojam. You've got skills!!! Now take the midi notes you just played, apply a pad with a really long decay and add some modulation effects and THEN...then it'll be ambient!!!! :razz: No pressure, of course!

    Really great work!
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      Very relaxing, yet sad, piece, robojam.

      Or maybe contemplative is a better word.


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        Thanks guys. I like to tinker around with the piano sometimes and that one just came out well. Glad I hit the record button. It's not perfect, but I wasn't going to try to fix it and lose any of the spontaneity.

        However, I had a few people encourage me to do more of this, so I might try for more minimal and make the next one more ambient, aspiring for something like Music for Airports