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Bus Stopped [Experimental Ambient]

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  • Bus Stopped [Experimental Ambient]

    After several hours of crunching and a few beers last night, I have completed.. BUS STOPPED!

    Created from a whopping 15 minute field recording session of me with my Zoom H2N at a bus stop, it's down to six and a half minutes of seriously weird soundscape kind-of-droney maybe-also-ambient audio.

    I can't count the effects I used on this thing, to get it here. Amazed my laptop didn't explode.

    As yu can tell the birds were out in force, we had a crazy bus guy there for a bit, lots of random passing traffic, and - of course - the odd bus or two.
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    This is some serious experimental right here. See, this is the kind of thing I like to see. Artists making music for the experimental love of making music. No pretension, no limits, just you and your computer and anything you can sonically do is completely open.

    The track itself is bananas. I'll leave it at that.

    Keep it up! As long as the experimental flame is burning music, art, and culture will continue to thrive and evolve.

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      :thumbsup: My kind of soundscape! I'd say there were 2 crazy men there that day...

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        This...... was at a bus stop? Woah lol.
        Really intrigued, throughout, just to see where it goes.
        A lot of ....what seems like "up and down" pitch(?) motion???

        Lol, just listening trying to figure out and decipher each weird noise and what it's possible original noise might have been. I think I have worked out the hissing as the bus stops and opens its doors. Everything else is a mystery.

        Good stuff!