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Well Trained [Experimental Drone]

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  • Well Trained [Experimental Drone]

    More field recordings mangled, more beer, and.. more tracks! This time, literally!

    I present, for your listening annoyance.. WELL TRAINED!

    Five tracks of processed surround-recorded train coming into, and leaving, a station - bell, crowd noises, brakes, engine and all. But you'd be hard pressed to identify much of it any more! Oh, and one track of the Dark Zebra providing a nice, creepy, fear-inducing dark drone to tie the whole chaotic mess together!

    HOW I DID IT (because someone might be curious)

    Tracktion 5.3

    TRACK 1 - 2 copies of the Mid-Side recording at the station, one reversed, hit with MMultibandHarmonizer
    TRACK 2 - 2 copies off the XY recording at the station, both reversed, hit with Audio Damage MangleVerb, then MMultibandGranular, then Xils Labs RAMSES
    TRACK 3- 1 Mid-Side recording dropped one octave, one XY recording dropped an octave, both reversed and hit with MMultibandAutoPan
    TRACK 4 - 1 Mid-Side recording time-stretched to twice as long, dropped an octave, processed with Molekular, slow left-to-right-to-left pan
    TRACK 5 - 1 XY recording time-stretched to twice as long, reversed, processed with Melda Productions MFilter, slow right-to-left-to-right pan
    TRACK 6 - Dark Zebra on the "Deep Limbo Drone" preset

    MASTER BUS: MMultibandDelay, NI Supercharger
    Home Page:
    Authors Den: