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My first ambient piece!

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  • My first ambient piece!

    This is pre-release (i.e., I imagine I might go back and edit it) evaluation release of my first ever ambient track.

    I am really new to this kind of stuff, so if you comment on the piece or my workflow described below, I will be grateful.

    Guitar: Modded Squier Tele > Biyang CO-10 Compressor > Tech 21 Blonde (speaker sim on) > EQD Organizer > Boss RV-5 (kinda broken, but still works) > Morley Volume Pedal > Zoom MS-70 CDR (three delays) > into interface and Tracktion > Voxengo Stereo Touch

    Synth: Reaktor Ugh GRIP busy grains setting > Boscomac Floodverb (ducked mode) > AD Rough Rider compressor (free version)

    Master effect: Melda Limiter (Soft 1 setting --don't know what I'm doing here so just went with whatever sounded good).


    When recording guitar, I just played with the knobs on my pedals after each little phrase and switched my guitar pickup to make the sound fatter and fatter and overdriven. In Reaktor, I just found some granular stuff that I thought made an interesting contrast with the beautiful guitar swells. I imagine the track as telling a story of the dance of good vs. evil (or love-hate, life-death; with the former being guitar and the latter Reaktor).

    1. Does it give away that I'm totally new in this? How?
    2. Would you consider this finished or does it need a lot of work? In which departments?

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    So far I'm digging it, very dark and moody. I can't even tell there's a guitar at all (which is neither good nor bad). It even sounds pretty good on my shitty pc speakers at work (on my break ;) ) Reminds me a lot of my song I did called A Dying Star Similar sort of vibe. You didn't over do the reverb, which is definitely a n00b thing to do and a very easy mistake to make (and one I still make sometimes >.> ).


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      Thanks a lot for the comment. If you send me a link to that song of yours, I would like to check it out. Have a nice day at work.


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        I like this track a lot! I agree with just about everything KrisM said, especially about not over-doing the reverb. I look forward to hearing more from you!
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          Thank you very much Nikki, I'm very happy to get such positive feedback on my first track.


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            I've left a few comments on the track itself on Soundcloud. Definitely does not give away that you are new to this. The reverb is not over done, it is just right I think.
            I like how it progresses.


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              Thanks a lot for those comments Rikki. I listened to some of your stuff, including the 30 min drone (one of the first full length drone tracks I listened to, I'm new to drone). Very nice!


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                You are very welcome. Keep up the work man!
                And wow thank you so much for the MANY comments you've left. I am going to review them now


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                  Now that is what I call feedback. Thank you again!


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                    Nah man, I am not so familiar with drone as to give good feedback. All I did was to appreciate your nice track. But thanks for the kind words!


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                      When a lot of people's comments consist of "great track" and "sick", detailed thought out comments like yours are greatly appreciated. You words matter. Skilled/trained/educated or not, your thoughts are valid and worthy of sharing. Don't diminish that


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                          A wonderful track! I would not take it for a first effort at all. Looking forward to hear more from you
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                            Hey Windspace, I am Lifespace, nice to meet you, lol :highfive:
                            Thanks for the comment!


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                              Çok güzel.

                              I listened to this 3 or 4 times over the last week or so. I like the way it is put together. The reverbs suit the sounds and the atmosphere. I would call this a success.

                              You are probably the best person to judge whether this is finished. My advice would be to leave it alone for a while, work on some other pieces, and then revisit it later with fresh ears.

                              When I'm making tracks, I often get them to the point where I think they are finished, but find that occasionally there is a little voice inside my head saying "I'm not totally happy with that arp", or "That percussion isn't quite right". Do not ignore that little voice. It's ALWAYS right. It can take a little while to figure out exactly what it's saying, but it is always right.
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