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    Hey everyone I just discovered this forum and I already love it! Seems like a great community with the same goal in mind. I'm from the san francisco bay area in california and make ambient/instrumental music under the name "The Captive Oceans". I started this solo project of mine in the fall of last year while I was a Junior in high school. I made do with what I could being just a poor high school student and started making instrumentals. I just recently graduated from school so I will hopefully have more time to focus on my music.

    I am releasing a 7 song album on August 1st. This album is titled "Lovely, Dark, and Deep" and I am very proud of it. I believe it's my best work so far. Here is one of the singles from the new album:

    i hope you enjoy it!

    thank you!

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    Hi, welcome to the forums...I think this is just the place for you! There should be a few others around here that appreciate Frost and a good ambient tune. Like the unhurried approach you take on "as winter's breath..."... great sense of pace, that is highly enjoyable so far!


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      Welcome to AO! This piece sounds fantastic. I look forward to listening to more of your work


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        welcome, wonderful work :-)


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          Wow thank you everyone for the kind words! They really mean a lot! I look forward to finding inspiration throughout this forum!

          My album comes out August 1st it would really mean a lot if you would check it out and gave some feedback!



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            Hi there, I just listened to your linked track. Nice effort, I particularly liked the part towards the end where it builds up a layer of dense wintry atmosphere. Well done. I will be sure to investigate your album when it is ready.