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Drone ambient live set

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  • Drone ambient live set

    I have been in lurker mode here for awhile now…but hope to participate a little more regularly again.

    Sorry to drop out like that, but I have been focused on putting together a live set (outside my comfort zone) as well as preparing for a live collaborative improv set with another artist (even further outside my comfort zone) for a recent local electro-music festival. I have not yet mastered the art of securing a healthy amount of time to work on music-related stuff, so my forum attendance had to suffer in the interim. I _have_ been reading some of the threads and voting for One Sample Dare entries, though.

    At any rate, here’s a recording of my solo set performance this weekend:

    The beginning borrows heavily from my entry for One Sample Dare #13 (“Lissajous”) and the end makes use of a sample I prepared for my unfinished entry for One Sample Dare #14. As such, I thought it appropriate to share here since Ambient Online has been instrumental in putting my set together. :D
    remst8 -

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    I listened to this once. Downloaded to listen again in a better setting. My first impression is that it sounds great. I'm amazed at your restraint…I need to learn that!


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      Thank you, Windspace!

      ...But I must confess, I'm not sure what you're referring to regarding restraint. Can you clarify?
      remst8 -


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        You introduced changes to this piece slowly in a very restrained manner. I tend to want to introduce changes too soon and too often…and have trouble having the patience to produce real slow long-form ambient pieces. It's something I need to work on.

        On another subject, I'd be interested to learn more about how you used the iPad to control your DAW. Just as a remote mixer controller? Or are you controlling more than mixer sliders? I have Lemur for iPad (that I bought on sale…) and want to incorporate it. Perhaps less as a remote mixer slider control than to control synth parameters. Maybe both.


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          Ah, okay--that makes sense. Yes, it takes some patience and restraint for long-form ambient pieces. But, sometimes, it's also a good cover when you don't have a whole lot of material.

          I use MIDI Designer Pro my iPad to control mixer sliders, VST parameters, parameters of the DAW's native DSP effects, trigger notes, enable/disable tracks (channels), transport controls, etc. The DAW (Renoise) supports MIDI learn on nearly everything (as well as OSC protocol). It allows me to set up only the interface controls I need to manipulate during the performance on the iPad rather than trying to chase it all down in the DAW. I have been pretty happy with this setup.
          remst8 -