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Mind Rider EP

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  • Mind Rider EP

    Hey all!

    This was an EP that I released on BandCamp a few months ago to get a few of my tracks out there. I very much like to think of it as a bit of a sampler. It shall suffice until I produce more worthy stuff in order to put together a compilation of my works.

    I would very much appreciate a few listeners as well as some critical feedback. I have only been at this for a year, after all. I still feel rather inexperienced. :cantlook:

    Thank you!

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    Having checked out this earlier, I must say it's pretty good considering you're only been at this for a year!

    Keep up the good work. The hardest part is finding "your sound." Eventually, you will find it. Keep pushing.

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      Thank you very much for the words of encouragement.

      I will most certainly press onwards to find this sound of mine.
      Sometimes, I can't help but feel that it needs something more. Minimal drone is all well and good ... oh well, I guess discovery is a big part of building towards that style of mine. It's only been a year.


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        I had this EP in a playlist I was listening to Friday evening. Sounds great to me. Press on!! One of the great things about pursuing musical creation is that it is a constantly unfolding experience for the creator. Sometimes the inner self takes over the controls and you create something without much effort and you are surprised.Usually my best stuff...