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  • Some recently completed noise

    My first post (besides introduction) after lurking for a few weeks. Could well be my last post as well. I will admit to being not a little scared and reluctant to post this.
    Embarrassed is a good word :cantlook:
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    Why would it be your last post? This is good stuff.

    Really enjoy when the music "emerges" from the noise at about five minutes in...and then eventually, the music wins the battle. Interesting concept and executed very well.

    Keep posting!

    S1gns Of L1fe
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      It is not easy to put one's work out there. You feel exposed, vulnerable, and sometimes unworthy. Sometimes no one seems interested. It's all ok, really.

      I always remember that the reason I am creating is because of the feeling it gives me to make the work. It's great when others notice, and are interested, but in the end it's really just about making the work.

      I like noise. But the second half of the piece is my favorite, the music is open and honest, and evolves nicely. Felt affirming and comfortable.


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        Maharg, carry on! Your music is worth being known. And I hope I will find your tracks on next AmbientOnline Compilation :thumbsup:
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          hope it isnt your last, since i just followed you on sc ;)


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            Thank you, S1gns for your kind comments.
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              aoVl, I agree its not easy to put your work on display. Very true that the joy is in the making. I suppose music is meant to be heard, but I don't listen to my own after the making, and therefore feel others wouldn't want to listen to it either. There is this mixed need to share but remain hidden.
              Thank you for your kind and considered comments. Much appreciated.
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                Thank you MetaDronos.
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                  Ha, thanks for the sc follow KrisM. I post to sc because a couple of friends back home like to know what I am doing. Its easier than send CD's.
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                    I think its an absolutely brilliant piece of music my friend. Its definitely dark and mysterious with lots of rumbling bass swoops or key subs. Its also very inspirational to. I really adore that lush bass sound that pans left to right and that slight twinge of crackling distorted feel to on top. But what really got my ears going was that electric piano like sound that creeps in midway through the track keeping a particular feel of horror movie like ambiance. Like that of unsettling strings or piano riffs in an 80s horror flick.

                    Please consider maybe this not being your last post as I would definitely look forward to more music like this one, especially those unsettling sounding piano sounds, or is it an acoustic guitar, anyway I think you have executed it superbly.

                    Thanks for sharing m8 :tu:
                    life believe is not a dream so dark as sages say



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                      Thank you Richy! You are way, way too kind with your comments. The electric piano begins to fade towards the end and an acoustic guitar picks up the cord sequence.
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