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Here we go! Back again with another entry in the Ambient Online Compilation series. These compilations are very special and have reached so many people. It's great to see to some new faces participating in them as well! Excited to hear what you guys come up with this time around. Ready? Let's do this! SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS:
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The Madness that Lurks within with Rebekkah Hilgraves

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  • The Madness that Lurks within with Rebekkah Hilgraves

    Hello. Here's another release from earlier this year, a collaboration between me and Rebekkah Hilgraves. It's an album that tells the story of a Russian sleep experiment and if you like dark ambient, I think you'll enjoy this release. Here's the link and thanks for listening.

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    I just added an embedded link to the album. If you go into edit mode in your original post, you can see how I did it.
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      Hi there. I tried the share imbedded option just to see if it would work and when I either hit spacebar or enger on the button, it doesn't do anything at all. I'm guessing this is a feature that screen readers doesn't work yet so I wrote to the people at support for bandcamp who have always repied to my concerns most politely. So until I can get that figured out, I hope it's okay for you guys if I post my release links that way that I posted the first three this morning. Thanks for your reply to my message.