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need your thoughts on some works in progress

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  • need your thoughts on some works in progress

    Hi all.
    I'd like your thoughts when you have some time to listen to the following three tracks.
    Here are my notes on each of them.
    Demon Pulse
    This is something I wrote the other day, a darker track with a suttle beat, not sure where it will end up.

    The Sixth Terrace: a track in my trilogy interpreting Dante's Divine commedy, wondering how this works, for those familiar with the purgatorio section of the poem?

    Celestial voices on the midnight air: a track inspired by a Pink Floyd track, it'll be easy to figure out which one by the time it's over but thematically, it's a track on an album inspired by John Milton's Paradise Lost and is the longest of the three.

    Thank you very much for your thoughts on these tracks.

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    My favorite of the three tracks is The 6th Terrace. Love the textural sound of that pad. Simply gorgeous. Could use a bit more variation within the synth to carry the interest for the duration...but overall it's great.

    Also enjoyed Demon Pulse. That's dark ambient done right! Very nice use of reverb, sounds to create tension, and composition.

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