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Open Canvas - Relics Of The Sun Ethno Electronica CD Release

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  • Open Canvas - Relics Of The Sun Ethno Electronica CD Release

    Open Canvas Relics Front Flat 600.jpg

    Not quite my usual ambient music but there are a few ambient tracks on the release.

    1. Stream of Consciousness 01:35
    2. Serengeti 04:36
    3. Abdullah (Secular Trance Remix) 04:33
    4. Temple of Wires (ARP-Age Mix) 08:05
    5. Tibet Inward 03:36
    6. Liquid Shiva (Blue Apple Mix) 06:38
    7. Ka-Noon Dub 07:26
    8. Langtang Range (Buddah's Mellotron Mix) 08:43
    9. Prayer Wheels of Tibet 02:24

    A sun parched collection of demo and remix tracks recorded in the 1990s buried deep in the vaults of the frequency pharaohs.

    Open Canvas was a three album side project of Alpha Wave Movement (US based ambient/space music),

    These tracks are ideas, mixes, remixes and demo's composed prior to Nomadic Impressions and in between and after the second Open Canvas release Indumani.

    A new cd/digital album of archival music from my world music project Open Canvas is now available at the
    HRR Bandcamp Site

    Any DJ's or Music Reviewer's interested in a complimentary copy please feel free to contact me either here on the forum PM or via email at [email protected]

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