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Ambient Mechanics - Retro (Free Album Download)

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  • Ambient Mechanics - Retro (Free Album Download)

    Just released my second album "Retro" independently today (27th September, 2014) exclusively over on Bamdcamp, as a free download. ( It says "name your price", but you can still enter "0.00" if you want.) Of course, I won't refuse anyone's money, should anyone want to help support a staving artist and his wife and 3 kids.

    If you do check it out and like what you hear, then please let others well as posting your thoughts / feedback here.

    All 9 tracks on the album were written during last February, as part of the "Quarterly Album Writing Month" challenge that's held over on the IDM forum. I actually finished 14 tracks in 16 days for that challenge..and these are 9 of those. Since then, I've been busy with working on my next commercial well as being involved with a number of collaborative projects that are still on-going. In short, I didn't really have the time to focus on this release completely and only recently managed to get down to work on it and get it finished.

    Anyway, I hope those of you who do take the time to check it enjoy what you hear. Be's not what you might expect, as the inspiration for these tracks draws a lot form my personal past back in the 80s and I tried to "recapture" musically the essence of some of those feels and experiences back then.

    As I say over on the Bandcamp page..

    "9 tracks inspired by a range of eclectic influences from the 80s..tinged with nostalgia and produced with that era in mind, with echoes of Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream amongst others."

    Hope you like em.

    Dan (Ambient Mechanics)
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