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Get the 10+ hour Blood Moon Grimoire w/ code word 'eclipse'

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  • Get the 10+ hour Blood Moon Grimoire w/ code word 'eclipse'

    Hey, Kotter here [AmoebiKathedral]. I'm doing this here at ambient online, relaxed Machinery [.ning] community, and my facebook peeps.
    If you enter the word eclipse, it's a discount code so you can get the entire library for a buck. Also, the track Oak & Wrought Iron is free/name your own..
    It's till November 3rd. Plenty of time!
    p.s. - I had uploaded Oak & Wrought Iron, but it was a prior version, that was flawed/not cut 'n edited proper, so the October 4th version was absorbed into the 8th's one large library of sounds.
    It is my gift to fellow musicians and artists who just love to hear and create these kinds of musicks.
    Here is the link one last time since the post is about to disappear under other posts.

    One last thing, you can youtube download Herlige Deltagelse. Just enter that title in your youtube search bar. [Have a url downloader]