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  • Cinematic uplifting positive ambient music

    Hello everybody, I am so glad there is a forum specially for Ambient music which is my favourite genre of music.
    I am a 22 year old producer from Canada. I put a lot of effort and passion and time into my music and I am sure you will sense that once you listen to my music.

    My sound is crafted with harmonically rich synth pads, strong piano melody and my goal is create ethereal sonic landscapes with supernal reverb and huge stereo delay. By day I am a Computer Science, and French language and literature student at Dalhousie University in Canada, and by night i am an ambient music producer.

    please check out my YouTube channel, i create animated background video for each song and I animate the lyrics in them as well.

    Youtube channel :
    Soundcloud channel :
    facebook page :

    Also you guys can download my album for the awesome price of FREE!

    my artist name is Europa’s ocean, which is the only other place in the universe where we are certain liquid water exists, and the possibility of life there is significant!

    I speak four languages (English, German, French, Arabic) and you will hear me sing in all 4 languages in my songs. Using Ableton I produce my music, and I hope you enjoy it, and more importantly that it moves you

    I will be releasing a new EP titled Vivid Dreams on iTunes and Spotify and Beatport and just about everywhere online in November.

    Please give my music a listen I promise you won't be disappointed, and leave a comment on this forum telling me what you think!

    new banner.jpgvivid-dreams.jpg
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    Welcome to AO. Another great introduction! I look forward to listening to your music. Glad you found us.


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      Thank you very much for the kind welcome. There seems to be many talented musicians and creative minds on this forum I am so glad I've found it