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Two new emergent spetral ambient live sets

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  • Two new emergent spetral ambient live sets

    Hey, I haven't been here for a while. Here are a couple of souvenirs from the time elsewhere:

    The latest live set happened in a harbour warehouse, which has been turned into a culture venue.

    The whole two hour set is available on

    The set before that happened by a rock wall just beside an old bunker dating back to the first world war. The feeling of being just by this ancient mountain top was hugely inspiring.

    The whole set:

    In both of the sets I use a process I've created with Max/MSP, where a selection of sounds is analyzed and recreated with hardware and software synthesizers. The analyzed frequencies are also used to control spectral filters and other effects. My live sets are improvised, and the new setup takes the intuition to a new stage, because I don't know anymore what pitches or frequencies will play next - compared to the sets before where I had some looping note progressions as the foundation. I need to move carefully in the sound and be aware of what's going on, and try to go along as well as I can. I'm currently focusing on the sound design, and I hope to bring in more elements and intricate details in the music. - soundcloud - twitter - facebook - - - sanara creations

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    Very nice work in those excerpts! Gonna play the whole set(s) later. Keep up the good work